Winter Closure 16 April until 14 October annually

Summer 2018/19

We expect to run close to 100% capacity from 20 December until about 20 March and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can stay. We have a 2-night minimum stay, so this also means that most bookings during that period must either leave a 2 or more night gap OR go next to an existing booking.

If you cannot book your first choice dates or room, check the minimum / maximum stay or arrival / departure day restrictions by hovering over the calendar. See below for an explanation of the warning messages. Thanks for your understanding - just email us if you cannot book what you are after and we will try to help.

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means that the room is booked but we may be able to suggest a different room type;

so during peak season when we run at 100% capacity, we cannot accept a booking which creates a one-night gap as we cannot then sell that room-night;

means that we cannot accept a booking starting / ending on this date in this room type (because it creates a one-night gap);

sometimes it may look like we have 3 or more consecutive nights available but in fact there are two rooms each with a 2-night availability. We cannot allow a [3-night stay] in this case because the other room-night becomes a one-night gap;

normally 2-nights, but when the last remaining room in a type is available for a run of 3-nights; if we sold only 2-nights it would leave a one-night gap so we put a 3-night minimum on this period

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Early Season Availability Bush Chalet, Bush Lodge [self-cater 2N min], Book-the-Lodge

15 October - 19 December : good availability
1 November - 6 December : Superior Rooms open due to high demand

Peak Period Availability Bush Chalet, Bush Lodge, Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms [no self-cater]

24 December - 13 January

Bush Chalet 27-30 December [2 rooms x 3-night stay] / 6-8 January [2 rooms] / 13 January ->
Bush Lodge Full 24 December until 9-12 January [2 rooms x 3-night stay] / 13 January ->
Standard Rooms 24-26 December / 6-8 January / 14 January ->
Superior Rooms 27-29 December / 29-31 / 30-1 / 6-8 January / 7-9 / 9-11 / 14 January ->

Mid Season Availability Bush Chalet, Bush Lodge, Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms [self-cater 3N min]

10 Jan - 20 March : generally good availability
February 50% sold, very busy from 14-28 Feb

Late Season Availability Bush Chalet, Bush Lodge [self-cater 2N min], Book-the-Lodge

21 March - 15 April : good availability

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